Address Parser Library

Java edition

address parser library java version

Product details :

  • For in-house use
  • Royalty free
  • Embeddable in your software
  • Easy to integrate, no additional dependencies
  • No database required
  • No internet connection needed
  • Java API (check sample code)
  • Price depends on the countries you need
  • Http connector to use the address parser as a Rest webservice
  • Embedable in your SI or in your software
  • Country detection
  • Pay once, use for ever

Try the online version for free !

The Java library can be embedded in your software or SI. You can also use it as a REST webservice (hosted on your servers) via the address parser HTTPconnector. The webservice provides various output formats that ease the integration in your favorite language (PHP, RUBY, PYTHON, JSON/Javascript, YAML) but can also produce XML. That ensures that you can use it in any language, since you can do an HTTP request and parse XML or json. You must have at least, java 1.5 (better performances with Oracle jvm 1.6 or greater).

Free trial

Ask for your evaluation version now. It is free of charge. The goal of the evaluation version is to test the integration of the parser (The relevance can be tested with the online version).

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