Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is updated frequently with questions asked by user. Feel free to contact us if something is still unclear.

Yes, but the delay may vary due to plannings and technical details (e.g : if it is writen in a spoken language that is not implemented yet. it could take a little bit longuer). If you buy the parser (dll or jar) we will do it without any extra charge because it will considered as an already added country. We always add some new countries : our goal is to cover all the world.
Please see documentation, 'relevance' section
Yes, to test the relevance, try the online version. If you want to test how you will integrate it in your software or SI we can provide an evaluation version.
If you find a bug (that we can fix), you can get the bug fix as long as your version is supported. The update is as simple as a replace the JAR or the DLL. When you buy the parser you got a period of free support. You can buy additional support if you need support after this period.
Yes, as long as your version is supported you can buy the countries that are added for your version. you will only pay for the added country. If your version is no longuer supported, we will have to update your version before.
If you already have an Address parser version, you will have to pay for the update pack after the support period. The price will depends on the new version price.
Sure, simply ask it by mail or via the contact page. In any case you have to sign the license if you want to buy.
No, there is no SOAP webservice yet. webservice are only available as REST (HTTP) API.
No, the parser can not extract / parse addresses in large text, only String that represents the address itself.