International Address Parser

give signification to addresses

The international address parser modelize free-form addresses as structured ones. Divide a single address (as string) into separate component parts : house number, street type (bd, street, ..), street name, unit (apt, batiment, ...), zipcode, state, country, city. It is usefull when you need to understand, compare, validate, check, de-duplicate, standardize, or geocode addresses.

When you got a free-form address, it is sometimes hard to understand the meaning of each word: is it the housenumber or the zipcode ? Is it the city or the district? It is even more complex to parse internationnal addresses because each country has its own conventions, formats, languages (specific dictionaries, abbreviations, synonyms) and common usages, some countries speak more than one languages (Canada, Belgium, Switzerland,...). The address parser is the solution you need when fulltext search has reached its limits and is not accurate enough.


The address parser uses its own innovative parsing technology, based on computational linguistics, natural language processing, parsing technology, semantic techology and text mining.

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